F.R.A.C.H.A virtuous cycle

F.R.A.C.H. (Fellowship of Rotarians who Appreciate Cultural Heritage) is an association committed to promote the global friendship and service of Rotarians united by the interest for cultural assets. To do so, the association developed a project to communicate and promote the knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage.
F.R.A.C.H. aims to raise awareness on the topic of cultural heritage as a collective resource, by sharing knowledge about local artistic treasures in schools and communities; and by involving the population, authorities, and institutions in the initiatives for the territory, encouraging fruition.
F.R.A.C.H. is also committed to promote projects and intervention to preserve and restore cultural heritage by incentivizing international exchanges, and therefore the development of the sectors linked to tourism, culture, craftmanship and popular traditions.


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Rotary circles (or Fellowship) are international groups that share the same passions. Being an active member of these circles is an enjoyable occasion to make friends with people from all over the world, try out a new hobby, or profession, and improve one’s experience in the Rotary while putting one’s experience, competences and passion at others’ service.