Our visionA better future for the heritage of humanity.

F.R.A.C.H. aims at promoting the global friendship and service of Rotarians united through the interest for cultural assets, via passionate participation and expertise in the protection and preservation of humanity, including traditions, customs, places, objects, expressions and artistic values.

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Our MissionServing Culture.

Thanks to its great network combined with its members’ knowledge and experience, F.R.A.C.H. generates projects that serve the community. From design to fundraising; from creation to management; every project is completed with enthusiasm, ensuring that the desired results are achieved.

Through shared support and different perspectives, F.R.A.C.H. builds solutions to tackle the challenges that the contemporary world faces. Some of these solutions include sharing the knowledge of past generations’ with our future generations to preserve culture and employing competent, passionate contributors.

in detailsHow do we work.


Step 1: Idea and planning

From concept to design, first, we identify the needs, and then we take into consideration the cultural motives generated by the background and the individuals involved in the project.

Step 2: Teamwork

Next, we utilize all available resources, in order to gather the materials and personnel needed to analyze every aspects of the project.

Step 3: Practical approach

Step 3 begins with the execution phase, where actual projects come to fruition and foster continuous feedback. This in turn creates an adaptive process that can evolve as necessary to bring us to the final evaluation.

Our membersA perfect combination of knowledge.



We look for institutional sponsors and partners who have a potential interest in helping with economic sustainment of projects.


Management of projects based on operational plans and all required steps throughout the process.


Competences, business culture, personal suggestions and passions are the foundations of success.

Our goalA global network with a local impact.

Supported by their passion, integrity and experience, more than a million people, active in local and international communities, believe in a world where together, all the people can promote positive and lasting changes; in nearby communities, faraway regions and in each and every one of us.

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